Backflowl Incense Cones (Pack of 40)

Backflowl Incense Cones (Pack of 40)

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Give your home a wonderful scent at the same time the fragrance of the outdoors with our Backflow Incense Cones. Now with a pack of 40!

These cones are burned to release the fragrance of the botanical, aromatic material from which they are composed.  They burn fairly rapidly after being lit, and emit more smoke and fragrance as the point dwindles down and the ember reaches the base. Incense aficionados have created a cornucopia of incense cones with different scent profiles. The adventurous will find incense cones alluring for their purity and creative inspiration. Aromatherapy can remove pollutants in the air (gas and germs), purify the air and improve air quality. Fits in any standard incense burner Oriental florals and spices variety pack of incense is sure to add a nice natural & aromatic scent to any room.


Type: Solid Cone Incense 

Use: For home, patio, party, wedding, rituals, office, ceremonies, birthday parties, special occasions.

Quality: Natural, Herbal extracts of floral and spice combinations.

Burn Time: About 15 minutes each cone

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