Pet Cat Neck Strap Collar

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Give your cat the ultimate pampering with these colorful cat nails! Slip them on easily and add some vibrant personality to your pet! Not only are they a cute accessory for your cat, but the nails also prevent your cat from scratching and clawing up on furniture, curtains, etc. 

Soft and Comfortable: Made of high quality PVC, very soft and comfortable for cats to wear, so your lovely cat can normally behavior. Meanwhile it can effectively protect your furniture from scratching.

Easy to Wear: It is very easy and without pain for your cats to wear these nail covers, comparing with declawing, your cats and kitten will love it!

  • PERFECT NAILS CAPS: Protect your home and furniture from scratching with these colorful cat nail covers! Also suit for small size dogs and puppies.Package includes 20pcs nail caps and 1pcs glue.
  • 100% SAFE: Made of PVC material, BPA free,non-toxic,very soft and comfortable to wear. It is more easier and less painful compared with declawing, won't interfere with the cats' normal behavior.
  • HOW TO USE: Firstly trim cat's nails to fit the nail caps properly, then fill the glue with nail caps, after that extend the cat claws softly and put the caps onto nails, finally observe several minutes before release the cat to make sure the nail covers are attached closely.
  • DURABLE: With strong glue, these nail caps will be attached to the claws tightly and uneasy to off, specially for active cats.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Can be used on dogs as well
  • Soft, Comfortable, Non-Invasive
  • Material: rubber / silicone
  • Size (approximately):
  • S fit: 2.5 kg-5.0 kg, width: 0.6 cm, length: 1.2 cm

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